Jason Aldean biography

The Jason Aldean biography will enlighten us about the facts behind the life of the country music singer and what he stands for as well as what he has achieved in life. The popular country music artist, Jason Aldean was named Jason Aldine Williams at birth and he was given birth to on February 28, 1977 in Macon, Georgia. Jason Aldean was welcomed into the family of Barry and Debbie in the year 1977.

Jason Aldean is 42-year-old and he is a great lover of music. This artist is known to deliver great music to his fans holding to the fact that music was one thing he could never leave or dispose for anything. The singer is worth $110 million.

Early life

Jason Aldean faced a little bit of family issue when he was young, when he was 3-year-old as a result of the separation of his father and mother. Jason Aldean family became separated and he had to live with his mother, Debbie where he went to school and he always visited his father every summer in Homestead, Florida.

Jason Aldean fell in love with music due to his father who always leave guitar at home whenever he goes to work, and little Jason tries playing while his father is at work. He developed his interest in music at a young age and his father was very supportive of his dreams and aspirations.

Here are some Jason Aldean facts, he made his first public appearance at the age of fourteen (14 years) when he started playing around. While he was a student, he was a very good baseball player and he received a scholarship at the Windsor academy to become a professional baseball player, but he gave the scholarship up when he decided to pursue his music career and this was the beginning of his journey as a singer that he is today.


Jason Aldean after trying for a long period of time to become what he wanted to be almost gave up on his dreams before he met Lawrence Mathis in 2003. He was signed under the record label, Broken bow records where he released his first self-titled album, Hicktown in the year 2005. This album, Hicktown reached the billboard country top 10 and this brought him to the limelight.

He released some other albums which includes "Wide Open" (which had songs which includes "She's Country", "Big Green Tractor", and "The Truth"), "My Kinda Party" (which includes "Don't You Wanna Stay", "Fly Over States", and "Dirt Road Anthem"), "Relentless" (which had "Johnny Cash" which was a hit), "Night Train", etc.

It is important to note that nineteen of Jason Aldean's songs have reached the top of the list either on the Hot Country songs or Country Airplay. He has also features in some songs such as "My home's in Alabama" by Alabama, "The blue man" by Hank Williams Jr and lots more. Some of his associated acts includes Tyler Farr, Michael Knox, Eric Church, Jordan Eager and Thomas Rhett.


Jason Aldean got married to his high school lover, Jessica Ussery in August 2001 and they had two daughters; Keeley and Kendyl and their marriage came to an end in April 2013. Jason Aldean is currently married to Brittany Kerr,(who was a former American Idol contestant and pro football cheerleader) and they got married in March, 2015.

The couple are blessed with a son, Memphis Aldean Williams, who was given birth to on December 1, 2017. The couple are reported to be expecting a daughter this summer. Therefore, Jason Aldean's family comprises of his ex-wife, his two daughters, Brittany Kerr and their son, Memphis.


The Jason Aldean's bio will not be completed if his accomplishments are not stated. Jason Aldean won the ACM awards in 2005 and the CMA award (musical event of the year) in 2010. He also won other awards including Album of the year, breakthrough Artist of the year, single of the year and other awards to himself.